Attempted Confutation: One Major Flaw of Flat Earth Theory

I stumbled upon the “Flat Earth Society” not too long ago, and while I thought it was just a parody of biblical literalism or a gigantic-scaled joke, I was flabbergasted and surprised that this is, in fact, is a real thing. While it’s true that people of the olden days used to speculate the earth as being flat, nowadays it is a common fact that the earth is spherical in shape. Having a crossed empiricism-rationalism base on which I stand my thoughts upon, I think I’ve found a major problem of the flat earth theory.

The flat-earthers maintain that the earth is disc-shaped and all the ocean that surrounds every continent in the world. How did the ocean stand firm outside the lands? Why, by massive ices of course! They believe Antarctic is the a hefty, gigantic and enormous circle of ice and that surrounds our ocean, as to impede it from flowing off.

From the eyes of science and rationalistic empiricism,my objection would be something like this. There is absolutely no evidence to support this claim. I mean you might as well say there’s a circle of anything to prevent the seas from falling off and it would be just as credible. There has been no images or documents, as far as I have researched. Science, on the other hand, has every evidence and reason to make the statement, “The earth is spherical.” They have obtained pictures and photos to capture images of the earth, and it is obvious from those pictures these evidences point to a globular earth. I mean, you do know that we are able to circumnavigate the earth, as in traveling around the world and reaching your starting point. You could circumnavigate the earth from west to east and from north to south in loops. Combine this with the pictures and images, and it would completely annihilate the theory of the flat earth. If we were to sail off into the ocean, we wouldn’t fall. We wouldn’t fly off the earth or crash into ice, we would just spin around the earth. There have been no concrete evidences to back up this assertion. Satellites can also orbit around the earth continuously provided they are fueled enough with whatever they need. If they can orbit the earth, and they do, it would destroy all claims of flat earth theory because those two contradict each other greatly. The earth is in plain view of satellites and if the earth is flat the satellites would see its shape clearly.

I think that would do it. I do not fully think I’m right in this because I can’t prove one hundred percent it’s true, but I would believe all evidences point to a globular and spherical earth.


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